“I Always enjoy hearing from you. I like that you don't just talk about work. You bring a little of you into the conversations. You're a great guy and you  have a great team.”

Fred Bowling


Creative Solutions

“They do good work at a competitive price, and are always responsive… not much else we can ask for. “

Ryan Boozer

Senior Vice President

Stream Realty Company

"It has been a pleasure and a fantastic result working with Williams & Frost. They handled every aspect of the build out with extreme professionalism and, most importantly, on time. As a client and customer I highly recommend them as a company.”

Chance Henderson


Progressive Packaging

“I really appreciate the service that they have given me and their willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that we are pleased with the work they have done."

Tammy Dickson

Business Manager - GMA & Sr. CTA Lincoln Properties

“Excellent, reliable service. We had 100% confidence in their ability to execute all projects with full trust. Extremely organized and proficient."

Laura Herrington

Senior Property Manager

ATR & Associates

“I appreciate all the hard work and efforts that all your teams out there are doing! Great job guys!!” 

  Prinston Moon 

  Senior Project Manager      

  Pepboys Automotive

"They are very professional and can do about any scope of work you may run across. I would recommend them."  

Kevin Robinson

Brookdale Senior Living.

“Thanks for doing such a great job! Linda ”

Linda Ross 

Facilities Supervisor Corp. 

Hobby Lobby

“The construction work looks great.... The paint and drywall all flawless.. “ “ . Thank you so much for the great work. You guy's have been a pleasure. ”

Cynthia Vega 

Former -Channel 8 News Cast Public affairs 

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

“Thank David, Jeff and others have been great. ”

Ross Hoefler Senior Property Manager Stream Realty Partners

“Great job and I appreciate your work, we truly appreciate your professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail.  It does not go unnoticed!!  Job well done.  ”

Seth Koschak 

Vice President 

Stream Realty Partners

“You guys are awesome”

Carie Barnhisel (Facilities Manager) 

Morgan Mower (Site Acquisition Manager) Ingram Medical 

“I am very pleased with the job. Tom and David were very receptive to our requests and made it easier for us.”

Ed Daley 

VP Construction Services & Facilities Mgmt 


“Our experience with Clay was very pleasant and he was great to work with. The work was done in a timely manner--especially considering we asked a lot more of them than we had originally intended!“

Kara Miller  

Whole Health Partners.

“Thank you! Thank you! Jeff sent a guy over today. It all went great! Thanks so much”

Carolyn Buquet 

Connections Pastor T

he Current -Church

“Thanks David, I appreciate all you and your guys have done for us on this project“

Roderick Khan 

Owner Orbit Micro Corporation

“Thanks again for your prompt attention and steadfast help!  I, personally, am very grateful I could count on your team.  They are great.“

Peggy Seay 

Property Manager 

Floyd Ventures

Thank you very much for your work David. I'm very impressed with how hard you have worked and will be recommending you as the GC to every one of my build outs in the future “

David Guinn 

Market Director 

Mercer Company

“Thank you for a job well done, and appreciate the timely and professional completion of the remodel “

Justin Paxton 

Compliance Manager 

Vitec Group Services Division 

“David, Cory was a great representative for your company give him a raise! He was very responsive, professional and polite at every interaction. A+ service in my book .“

Laurie Wissinger 

Director of Business Operations 

Artistic Masons

“The guys are doing a great job and are so pleasant to work with”

Jim Boruff 


Commercial Ice Machine

"Williams & Frost “would like to convey appreciation for a good job-I look forward to working with you guys again-”

Tammy Winner 


Bates & Meyers